Tea bags are also very helpful in deterring pests and nurture the soil, all you need to do is ether to pour some prepared tea from the used tea bags on the plants or spread some tea bags.

The optimal choice: here every type of tea bag is efficient.

Treat infections

Using warm tea bags on the affected area is beneficial in the treatment of pink eye, canker sores, fever blisters and topical afflictions.

The optimal choice: you can use any kind of tea bags for this, but the herbal tea bags offer powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Soothe Razor Burn

Take some warm water and soak a few tea bags in it, and after that use them as a pack on the affected skin in order to reduce the rash and calm the irritated skin.

Your optimal decision: the best and most efficient type for this purpose are lavender and chamomile tea bags.

A Portable Custom Air Freshener

If you want your car to have a dazzling fragrance you can tie a used tea bag in it, or essential oil can be also very useful by including several drops and hang it up in it to get a trademark, non-toxic auto freshener.

Your best decision: jasmine, lavender, or mint tea sacks.

Enrich Your Tub

Have a shower or a bath with several used tea bags and soak in the water.

Your optimal decision: peppermint, white, chamomile, green, rosemary, jasmine, lavender, and calendula are for the most part phenomenal for the reason.

Relaxation and Anti-scorching Properties

All the bags offer convincing calming properties, so they release up the body and treat bug nibble, sunburn, tired eyes, toothaches, pesters, wounds, and that is only a trace of a more noteworthy test.

A toothache: basically apply a warm teabag over the area on the outside to calm a toothache.

Depleted or puffy eyes: Put two moist old tea packs them on the eyes to work a few minutes.

Blister: in order to help treat the blister using a warm tea bag is very beneficial.

Sunburn: use several used tea bags, soak them and then put them on the painful places.

Bruises: tea bags are also very helpful in speeding up the healing time of bruises, all you need to do us apply some moisten tea bags with warm water on the injured places.

Bug bites: in order to pacify a bug bite and diminish the shuddering, you need to put some moisten tea bags on the place.

Your best decision: chamomile, calendula, peppermint, and lavender tea packs.


Treat Warts

Old tea sacks will be of phenomenal help in this case as warts are shocking and exasperating, and plantar warts can in like way be troublesome. Submerge up an old tea sack with warm water and place it on the wart to work in any event once well ordered.

Your best decision: Green tea is uncommon among ultimate decisions.

Prepare Gourmet Dishes

You can also use old tea sacks to include some extra taste to your meals, for example, quinoa, rice, and pasta. All you need to do is to leave some used tea bag in a boiling water pot and after some time take it out.

Your best decision: green, jasmine, cinnamon, and chai tea.

Maintain the fresh smell of the hands

Some food leaves smell on your hands such as crabs, garlic, fish and spices. In order to get rid of the smell, you need to use some moist tea as it is able to soak in all the odor and make your hands smell fresh.

The optimal option: any type of tea us helpful, but the best outcomes are from teas that have strong smell such as peppermint.

Quick mouthwash

Use some warm water and put in an used tea bag and wash your mouth with it to make your breath fresher.

The optimal choice: you can use new spearmint and peppermint, or rosemary and sage tea bags.

Get rid of bad odor

Used tea bags are also very efficient in eliminating bad odors from trash cans, kitty litter, carpet, fridge and other, due to the ability of tea bags to absorb different bad smells.

Fridge: put some used tea bags in the refridgerator.

Carpet: take some dried tea leaves from the tea bags and spread them over the carpets and rugs, let them stay for a bit and them remove them.

Cat litter: take some dried tea leaves and put them on the kitty litter in order to eliminate the odor and hinder it to spread more.

Source: theheartysoul.com

Written by Amy