Your glutes are designed to be the largest, most powerful muscle group in your entire body. And when all of your booty muscles are strong and metabolically active, you’ll have more power for your workouts, increased support for your hips and spine, and improved strength for optimal body alignment. And beyond the health benefits, who doesn’t love a nice ass?

To get yours lifted and looking hot, this workout targets the specific muscles of the hip and butt to increase the volume of the muscle and improve the contractile ability of the muscle (causing it to hold in a shortened position). All of this creates a butt that’s rounded outward with an improved separation of muscle from the hip attachment points, which gives it a higher look. Plus, these moves improve your hip flexibility to keep your hips in the best alignment. That causes the glutes muscles to shorten and look rounder. Boom.

Got all that? Let’s get to work. (And once you’re done booty-sculpting, get total-body toned using Women’s Health’s Ignite routine, created by our Next Fitness Star Nikki Metzger.)

The workout: Perform two sets of each exercise with one minute of rest in between every set. Complete both sets of each exercise before moving on to the next move.

See the entire butt-lifting workout below, then trek further down the page for a breakdown of each move. Plus, check out my Glutes Project, a 12-week strength-training program that will improve your overall fitness while zeroing in on your booty.

1. Body Weight Squat With Knee Press Out

Place a resistance band around your legs just above your knees. Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart so that there’s tension on the band. Reach your arms forward, parallel to the floor, and bend your knees. Push your hips back and lower into a squat while resisting band. Pause at the bottom for two seconds. Drive into your heels and stand up fully, contracting your glutes at the top. That’s one rep. Do 15 reps.

2. Sumo Squat

Stand with your heels shoulder-distance apart, then turn your toes open slightly. Hold a 10-to 20-pound dumbbell in front of your hips. Bend your knees, reach your hips back, and lower down into a squat. Allow your arms to hang so that the dumbbell remains under your shoulders. Lower until your hips are slightly below the level of your knees. Pause at the bottom for two seconds then drive into your heels to stand up. That’s one rep. Do 20 reps.


3. Barbell Split Squat

Place a 20-to 45-pound barbell across your shoulders. Your hands should be just outside of the widest part of your shoulders. Take a large step back with your right leg landing on the ball of the right foot. Keep your weight balanced between both legs and your chest up. Bend both knees, and lower down until your left knee is bent at 90 degrees. Press into your left heel to stand straight up stopping at the top. That’s one rep. Complete 12 reps on this side before switching to the other side.

4. Dumbbell Side Lunge And Touch

Stand with your feet together and holding five-to 10-pound dumbbells at your sides. Take a large step to the left with your left leg, landing on your left heel. Simultaneously bend your right knee, reach your hips back, and lower into a single leg squat, keeping your left knee above your left toes. Press into your left heel to stand up, stepping back to the starting position. That’s one rep. immediately step outward with your right leg, performing the same move on the other leg. Continue alternating legs for a total of 30 reps.

5. Reverse Hip Raise

Using either a Roman Chair or an anchored flat bench, lay face down so that your hips are just off the bench. Bring your feet together, squeeze your butt, and lift your feet up. Lift your legs high as you can without changing the arch in your lower back. Allow your feet to separate naturally, ending just outside of the width of your hips. Squeeze your glutes, hold for two seconds, and slowly lower back down. That’s one rep; Complete 15 reps.

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Written by Amy