1. Loop Prints: Loop prints are arch-like layered swirls that eventually taper off to one side. These prints are a sign of a personality that is carefree and easygoing. You’re a lot of fun to hang out with, and you’re never overly demanding, though you do have to watch out for people who might try to push you around.
  2. Spiral Prints: A spiral print is one that whirls outward from a single starting point in one relatively unbroken line. This kind of print indicates somebody who is extremely focused and driven. When you have a goal ahead of you, you stick to it with laser-sharp precision, and you always go after what you want in life.
  3. Hill Prints: Hill prints, sometimes called arch prints, are lines that change from being mostly horizontal to developing a slight bump in the middle. This fingerprint belongs to someone with an analytical and cautious mind, who doesn’t leap into anything easily. Still, that cautious exterior hides the heart of a true romantic; this is a person who is faithful and devoted to the people in their life.
  4. Peak Prints: This type of print looks a lot like the hill print mentioned above, but with one major difference: it starts as a sharp point and evolves into a gentle slope. That’s also a good way of describing the accompanying personality type. Those with peak prints tend to struggle with a lot of anxiety and can seem rude or harsh to people. However, they’re also people who are constantly working on themselves and have a knack for finding strategies that help them mellow out with the people they care about.
  5. Peacock Eye Prints: A peacock eye print features a teardrop shape surrounded by many additional layers, and is usually woven into the middle of another fingerprint pattern. People who have a peacock eye are true individuals who don’t give a hoot what others think of them, and who tend to be deeply intuitive. They also tend to be loners, who do just fine in crowds but really prefer the company of a few close friends.
  6. Twin Loop Prints: Twin loops are interesting prints where two loop shapes hug each other, almost like a yin and yang symbol. If you have this shape on your hand, you are lucky enough to have a deeply balanced personality, where the creative, energetic traits are in perfect harmony with the analytical, reserved traits. You’re a person who always seems to have their house in order, both literally and figuratively, and everyone you know comes to you for advice.
  7. Bullseye Prints: At first glance, it’s easy to mix up bullseye prints and spirals, but bullseyes feature a distinct pattern of concentric circles, just like a target. People who have this type of print often tend to be charmers with a knack for cracking jokes and attracting a crowd. Despite their confidence, these people can get pretty uncomfortable outside of their comfort zone, so they may have to push themselves to try new things.
  8. Hook Prints: A hook print is a rare kind of loop that doubles back on itself so that it looks just like a hook. Not many people have this print, but it tends to be a sign of a dark secret somewhere in your past. People with this print may feel trapped in life and might need to do some digging and confront their past in order to move forward. To see your fingerprints clearly, lightly cover your fingertips in ink and press them gently onto paper. Keep in mind that most folks have more than one kind of pattern, so you might learn about a combination of personality traits all at once!
  9. Press Whorl: A press whorl is similar to the previous two patterns, only the circular shape is elongated into an oval. Individuals with this fingerprint pattern are ambitious, competitive, highly attentive to detail and can stick to a budget. They can’t stand losing to anyone.
  10. Imploding Whorl: An imploding whorl can be described as a Tai Chi-like pattern in the middle of the finger surrounded by outlying circles. Men and women with imploding whorl fingerprints are great multi-taskers and are very self-conscious.
  11. The concentric Pattern: If your fingerprints have a very defined inner circle, it means you have a strong personality and have intense determination to achieve your goals. Also, you could be a little self-centered and like to compete in this maddening world.


Written by Amy