In short, choosing the natural route makes sense and could help your feet and toes look and feel better without the need for over the counter creams, sprays, and other treatments. Of course, talking to a medical professional is always important when you notice changes to the health of your feet. But if it’s determined that a fungus is present and not some larger underlying condition, essential oils could be worth thinking about.

Natural Ways to Help Toenail Fungus

It’s important to note that essential oils should only be one part of your treatment plan. Toenail fungus thrives in dark, damp places and as a result it is important to take some additional steps that will help you get even more from this type of treatment. Along with the essential oil treatment, remember the following:

  • Change socks often and never allow yourself to wear damp ones. Whether from sweat, rainwater, or something else, always change out of damp socks as soon as possible and never wear the same socks 2 days in a row.
  • Try to give your toes breathing opportunities. Wear sandals or go barefoot around the house to help promote better healing and fungus prevention.
  • Avoid wearing tight shoes that can restrict airflow around the feet and toes.
  • Shower daily and be sure to wash the feet and toes (and don’t forget to dry them well).
  • Keep these basic tips in mind and combine them with essential oil treatment, and you’ll be on a path to healthier toenails and a foot that’s free from fungus.

Best Essential Oils for Fighting Toenail Fungus


Now that you’ve got a clear idea on the basics of helping your fight against toenail fungus, the only thing left is to start the battle. There are a few key essential oils that work best here, and understanding how to use them is the first step towards relief. With that in mind, here are the three best essential oils for fighting toenail fungus and how to use them.

  1. Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree essential oil is one of the most powerful natural antibacterial and anti-fungal essential oils out there. This is because it contains a compound known as terpenin-4-ol, which has been shown to kill fungi and prevent their spread. To use this essential oil, start by cleaning the nail and letting it dry completely. Next, add 3 to 5 drops of the oil to a clean cotton ball, then tape it to the infected nail and allow to sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Repeat this daily.
  2. Cinnamon Essential Oil – Made from cinnamon bark and distilled to a potent oil, this oil is highly effective at fighting against toenail fungus thanks to the high levels of eugenol found within it. This compound kills fungus and helps prevent further infection and growth. Not only does the cinnamon help to combat the fungus directly, but it helps maintain a drier nail area, thus inhibiting the kind of environment that fungus thrives in. It can be used in the same way as tea tree oil, with a cotton ball compress used daily.
  3. Oregano Essential Oil – This essential oil has been studied at length for its healing powers and in particular its ability to kill fungi. As such, it’s one of the go-to options for those looking to fight against fungal growth. To use it, place a drop or two of the oil directly onto the infected toenail and allow to sit for 10 to 20 minutes in order to allow the oil to penetrate into the infection.

Written by Amy