We all know that sex plays an important role for a successful married life but only having this is not enough. If you both really enjoy this time, it can improve your health too. It can reduce stress level instantly

But as time goes, vaginal muscles become loose and both partners don’t enjoy it a lot but do you know if you take action quickly you can easily solve this problem

Today we will tell you one very effective tip to tighten your vaginal muscles in an all natural way.

1. Gooseberry

Cook some gooseberries in water. When you take bath, apply this water over the vagina. It will quickly restore the elasticity of your vagina


2. Oak galls

It is a Thai herb that contains lubrication and is a strong soothing. It helps a lot to narrow walls of the vagina

3. Curcuma comosa

This spice strengthens the walls of the uterus. The herb strengthens walls of the vagina and pelvic tissues only in one month

Written by Amy