1. HIIT it with the Sunday Shred: This routine promises to lean out those legs with 45 minutes of killer intervals. And to get ready for shorts season, pair with our 20 Hot Moves for Sexy Summer Thighs!

2. 27 Minute Meltdown: Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you have to skip your workout. This quick, but not so easy, routine will melt some serious fat in under 30 minutes!

11. Say ‘Bye-Bye’ to Boredom Routine: This routine mixes in hills, intervals, sprints and changes in pedal direction, to keep booth your mind and your body in gear.

12. Cellulite Smacking Routine: This 40-minute workout is packed with changes to keep you on your toes; however, the overall effect is a slammin’ workout that no amount of cellulite can withstand! End your workout by sipping on our Watermelon Fat Flush Water for a fresh and fabulous effect.

13. Super Sweaty Session: Ready to get your sweat on and make those calories cry? This 30-minute session will send you straight to the showers and have your entire body burning!


So there you have it. No longer do your days on the elliptical need to be spent in total boring misery. Add these routines to your regular schedule for a boost in motivation, and some seriously amazing results!

3. The All Over Body Burn: In just 30 minutes, this routine will burn mega calories while helping to shape your legs, butt, core and arms! To finish off a full body workout, tone every zone with this routine shown below!

 Who needs leg day or chest day when you can tone your entire body? Work your lower body, upper body and core in one workout as Real Mom Model Holly leads you through a session that targets each zone. You’ll only need dumbbells and a squishy ball to start sweating!

4. Double Booty Duty Burn: Ready to build a booty that’s Beyoncé worthy? This 35-minute routine has you covered. With intervals and inclines, your booty will be totally burning! Add in this 14-minute booty lift program and you’ll be sliding into those skinny jeans before you know it.

5. The Core Crusher: If you’ve had about enough of your muffin top crushing your sexy summer dreams, put an end to it with this hardcore routine. Just 40 minutes to a sexier and more shapely core! Follow up with these 19 Core Exercises for a Tummy Makeover, and you’ll be bikini ready before the end of the season.

Written by Amy