Ever get stressed, tense, tight muscles? Yoga is a hopping term right now. There are so many health benefits to doing yoga. It’s something you should consider doing. With so many yoga poses to choose from it can be a little intimidating when you’re just starting out. But, there are a few yoga poses you should do every day.

Don’t let it get you down. There are a few yoga poses that should always be in your arsenal and we’re going to cover them. You don’t have to do a 60-minute yoga practice every day (though I definitely recommend at least 30-minutes). But, incorporating these top yoga poses into your daily life will help you a lot.

7 Yoga Poses You Should Do Every Day

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice that was developed 5,000 years ago. But, the text many yogis follow today, The Yoga Sutras, was written 2,000 years ago by a sage named Patanjali.

It was practiced in India before it was brought to America by a few people who visited yoga ashrams. There are many types of yoga that are practiced today, but they all stem from Hatha Yoga.

What Are the Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga has many, many benefits. But, I didn’t want to create a super exhaustive list, so I listed the basics here that mean the most (at least to me and I would think you too).

When you practice consistently you’ll see tremendous results with the following:

  1. Improves flexibility
  2. Builds strength
  3. Improves posture
  4. Protects the spine
  5. Increases blood low
  6. Drops your blood pressure
  7. Boosts your mood
  8. Helps your focus
  9. Improves balance
  10. Helps release tension
  11. Helps you sleep better
  12. Improves your self-esteem

Best Yoga Poses for Beginners

Each of these yoga poses I would say are foundational in any yoga practice. You might not do them in every 60-minute yoga flow, but they are great to do on a daily basis.


They’re great for building strength, stamina, and balance. As your practice improves you can experiment with holding each yoga pose for a little longer. This is how you will excel and get to where you are able to move into the more advanced poses.

1 Extended Triangle Pose

Deeping into triangle pose is one of my favorites really. It stretches your side body, your hamstrings, and helps loosen up your back.

This yoga pose is particularly amazing at relieving tension that might be held in your lower back. It melts away as you twist open and look towards the sky.

2 Crescent Pose

Crescent pose is great for building your leg strength. You must focus on balance and squeezing your muscles together while in this pose.

You’re building thigh strength while lengthening through your upper torso.

Hold this pose for as long as you can and watch as you slowly start increasing your leg strength. You’ll be amazed at how your stamina grows.

3 Bridge Pose or Supported Bridge Pose

This pose is so amazing. It helps to relieve tension in your back and to stretch the muscles in the front body. It’s also a great shoulder strengthener to prepare you for inverted poses.

If you’re wanting something a little less rigorous you could place a block underneath your sacrum. Doing that will allow your back to release and any stress held in your back to dissipate.

I love doing this pose after a long day. Helps the back unwind and helps me to relax.

Yoga is great for relaxation and stress relief. Here are 7 yoga poses you should do to help you ease tension and stress daily.

Written by Amy