Do these at the end of your workout as a ‘finisher’ to really challenge the side of your booty to shape up.

Variations include Fire Hydrants, Clams or Side leg raises.

Use a resistance band above your knees to isolate those booty muscles.

Key points:

*Use a shorter range of motion, like short pulses

*Lean forward to really target those glutes

Here is a sample workout so you can get started right away:

If you don’t have access to a gym, do the variations mentioned above. For best results, do these workouts at least 2-3x times a week. Mix and match the exercises to create variety in your workouts.

Warm-up (20 reps x 2 sets) – with or without resistance bands


Glute bridges
Standing kick-backs

Workout (15 reps x 3-4 sets)

Hip Thrusts
Reverse Lunges
Sumo Squat
Cable/Regular kick-backs

Finisher (20reps x 3-4 sets)

Abductor machine pulses

There you have it! Try these out and let me know if you notice a difference

If you are looking for a strength routine to shape your body and grow your curves, make sure to take a look at the Strong Curves Guide. It was written by a Glute expert and his workouts are followed by many popular fitness experts.

Source Healthclub.tech

Written by Amy