Many women covet that long leg look, but getting slim legs is easier in Photoshop than it is in real life. The key to this thinner thighs workout is 5 intense moves that engage your leg muscles and boost your heart rate to burn calories. The combination of fat burning and muscle toning is incredibly effective as a lower body workout, giving you real, visible results.

The thigh muscles are some of the largest in the human body. Moves that activate them tend to be great for cardio workouts. These moves will challenge your heart and stamina to help you get thinner thighs and improve your cardiovascular health.

What You’ll Need: a gym timer (Gymboss is a free to download app)

What to Do: Set your timer to 7 minutes. Cycle through these five moves as many times as you can before time is up. Rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat.


Beginner: 2 rounds
Intermediate: 3 rounds
Advanced: 4 rounds

Move up a level whenever your current routine is no longer a challenge. For best results, repeat the workout 2 to 3 times per week.

Below, you’ll find videos showing how to perform each of the moves. It’s important that you use proper form as this helps prevent injuries and ensures you’re getting the most out of your workout.

10 Jump Squats
24 Walking Lunges
24 Alternating Side Squat to Side Kick
15 Sumo Squats
40 Skaters

Jump Squats

Walking Lunges

Written by Amy