Nature created all women with amazing qualities. In addition to external attractiveness, there are still some secrets that are just sometimes forgotten, but meanwhile, if you refresh them in memory, you will be guaranteed to look like a goddess in the eyes of any man.

It does not matter how long you live together. Perhaps a man who likes you has become interested in you but is shy – help him take a step forward. Of course, you can not make decisions for him, you are a woman! However, you can push him.

It is not a primitive method, but the skillful game, purely women’s charm and, moreover, and using completely natural ways! If you are with a long experience of marital relations, and life becomes virgin, it is time to conquer his heart again.

In order to attract the attention of men, to entice him, to enchant and even make him fall in love with himself, a woman does not need to say anything at all. She can drive a man mad, without saying a word. Women have innumerable tricks to tempt men with the body language.

What is it? All movements, gestures, poses and facial expressions are called so. They together represent a dumb level of communication. We all have, in varying degrees, the ability to express our emotions with the help of the body language, and also we can perceive such signals from others. When it comes to sex dialogue, body language works better than words.

There are gestures that act on men magnetically, and women actively use them, and often without even realizing it. Apparently, this particular knowledge is given to us by nature, in order to understand each other better. In the struggle for men’s attention, our arms are our most powerful weapons, though this can sound strange. They are always very expressive.

It has a fascinating effect if a woman strips her wrists, especially on the back. All kinds of stroking and touching are very strong sexual signals. A man will notice how a woman accidentally touched her own neck, straightens her hair or strokes her hip, as if adjusting her skirt accidentally, but, watching the lady move her finger thoughtfully along the edge of the glass, he may lose her head altogether. However, it does not stop us from considering them in more detail in order to bring the art of using the body language to perfection.


1. For example, an unobtrusive game with hair, before giving him a sweet smile …

2. Or sipping – a man likes when he sees you so cozy and simple, when you are sincere.

3. When you adjust his tie or something else in his appearance – it is such a pleasant motherly and loving care, it means that you have conquered him! Besides, this is an extra reason to touch him.

4. When you bite your lip during flirting – it drives him crazy! He sees your playfulness and begins to think about how he would bite you …

5. Or when you wink playfully…

6. Men like it when women sneeze. Of course, only if you really do it nicely.

7. If you turn around and look at him, this is clearly a sign for him to follow you. Try it and he will be yours!

8. Gentle touches will show how you care about him, and make him kiss you back.

9. Men often complain about this, but in fact they like to see a woman in their clothes. So, put on his shirt or t-shirt from time to time.

10. However, men cannot be full only with pleasantries. Sometimes men need to see your impudence and arrogance.

11. Men love when a woman has wet hair. For them, this is an indicator that she feels as comfortable as possible near them.

12. Lack of makeup is the same. This is a sign of full trust from your side.

13. The legs should be smooth – who does not like this? Silky skin can excite all men.

14. Women like men with a sense of humor, and men love women who laugh at their jokes! You should remember this.

15. They like your dimples, which they want to kiss right away!

16. And your sincere smile.

17. And when you touch his head or put your fingers in his hair.

18. When you hug each other, stay in his arms a little longer to show your feelings. He will love this for sure, you will see.

Source: Healthclub.tech

Written by Amy